“I travel a great deal for business, and it's nice to know that I never need to worry about my apartment. De Sabla's managers stay on top
of everything.”
Welcome to De Sabla!

Tucked away near one of the Peninsula's most exclusive neighborhoods, De Sabla Residential Apartments is conveniently adjacent to the charming community of San Mateo, California. Scenic gardens, quality schools, parks and shops are all within walking distance, and the fabulous restaurants and lively arts of San Francisco just 35 minutes away.

Distinctive style and attractive ambience . . . .

Built in 1950 on the former historic estate of Eugene J. De Sabla, De Sabla's distinctive '50s architecture, inviting interiors, colorful gardens, rooftop terrace and lounge elegantly combine tradition and architectural style with a contemporary flair and modern, home-like quality. Expansive high-rise views include attractive vistas of landscaped homes, tree-lined hills and nearby shopping streets. De Sabla's sturdy construction offers state-of-the-art operable windows with UV protection in every unit, preserving the warmth of natural sunlight and the cool summer breezes to be enjoyed throughout the temperate seasons.

Responsive staff and a reputation for quality . . . .

Our professional staff of office personnel, landscape gardeners and maintenance workers prides itself on attractive facilities and prompt response to tenant needs. For over four decades, our excellent reputation within the San Mateo community means that we have been home to many tenants - including families - who have enjoyed De Sabla from 3 months to 15 years or more.

Easy access to major Bay Area airports . . . .

De Sabla is the ideal location for residents who travel frequently for work or pleasure, and nearby freeways open the road to Northern California's magnificent ocean beaches, redwood groves and wine country.

Located in the heart of the Peninsula, with all the heart of beautiful San Mateo, De Sabla Residential Apartments offer quality, comfort and convenience - with a view!

De Sabla Residential Apartments     10 De Sabla Road, San Mateo, CA 94402     650-344-2440     manager@desabla.com